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GZ34 Valve


Product details Brand / Manufacture / Plant MAZDA M.B.L.E. / Belgium Model / Type GZ34 / Double Rectifier Diode Code / Date Manufacturing f33 L2J2 and f33 L2I2 / 1962 Conditions Used - 100% GUARANTEED OK (NOS?) Physical characteristics / Relevances DARK gray smooth plates, DOUBLE DD-getter TESTS (Values detected ) / Reference Data Sheet REFERENCE GZ34/5AR4: (Ia) 120.0 mA - 100% (AVO manual parameters) TUBE1: 145 - 140 mA - 120% TUBE2: 145 - 145 mA - 120% Use Power supply stage Recommended for AUDIO, System HI-FI, Instrumental set, Guitar and Bass Amplifier STARS / RATE (Rating from 1 to 5) 5 Our Opinion / Powerful Sound Expectation, Dynamic Performance

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The GZ34 = 5AR4 has, with good reason, always been considered the "Princess" of rectifier valves, especially since the 1950s with the queen mother or the first version with the "metal ring" in the base. The massive production of this tube, in those years, was done by MULLARD, MAZDA MBLE and PHILIPS, always under Philips hegemony. This is an excellent VERY RARE PAIR of GZ34 (CLICK for info) MAZDA production, NIB, genuine made in Belgium, f33 series, with L code, in 1962. The valves are in Philips box, probably NOS, excellent cosmetic condition, electrically perfect ! The GZ34 L Mazda stands out for its great robustness, smooth plates, double DD-getter. Ideal pair for HIFI and HI-END monophonic systems. TEST over 100%, complete balancing and coupling (even for codes!). EQUIVALENT: 5AR4 = CV1377 = 22S22C = GZ34S = GZ34STR - REPLACEABLE: GZ32 = 5V4G = 5U4 = GZ33 = U52 Other equipment on which the use of this valve is recommended: - Bob Latino M-125 - Cary - Dynaco ST-70 - Scott LK-48 - Matchless SC30 - Matchless Lightning 15 - Melody H2A Integrated Amp - Modwright Oppo 95 power supply - Modwright Oppo 105 power supply 9.9 - Modwright PS and 9.0 preamp - Modwright PS and 36.5 preamp - Modwright LS100 - Supratek (all models) - Marshall - Fender - Dr. Z Z-28 (6V6 amp) - VOX AC15, AC30 - Prima Luna PL3 preamp - Victoria Double Deluxe (Tweed) - Victoria Regal 2 - Donald North headphone amp - Cary 302 MK2 phono - AES AE-3 MKII preamp

Valvola GZ34
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