Something more about us...

My name is Andrea Niccolai </ strong>, born in 1969. I still remember the sound of the music he played in the jukeboxes and the noise of the crazy ball in the illuminated pinball machines. I started as an apprentice, training on mechanical and electrical components and over time I developed a deep passion, inspired by the philosophy of fixing objects, recovering them and making them come back to life.

Among the many objects that I love to bring back to life, I specialize in particular on pinball machines and jukeboxes. The jukebox is a machine that I love in particular, I like to personalize them and make them play again, giving them their soul. In the restoration of jukeboxes, I have made a name for myself among enthusiasts and collectors, because few in Italy now know how to get their hands on this type of object. The work begins with the recovery of what at first sight is little more than scrap. Knowing how to adjust starts with a study and updating phase and is combined with the creativity of creating new themed decorations, choosing the right 45s and creating the right labels.

WHAT DOES JUKEBOX MEAN – A real curiosity about the jukebox is the name. Officially the production companies spoke of Automatic Coin-Operated Phonographs (phonographs with automatic mechanism with coins), but this definition was immediately replaced in common language by the term jukebox. While there are no problems with the term box (box/container), the first word has an almost unknown derivation and can be traced back to jook house, the shacks where Southern farmers - often of Afro origin - gathered to party.< /p>

HOW A JUKEBOX WORKS – The mechanism is simple: a mechanical arm extracts the selected disc based on a code system, which allows you to select and (once) pay for the song. This mechanism is inserted in a cabinet with a single or a pair of bass speakers in a sound box.

THE MAIN JUKEBOX MANUFACTURING HOUSES – The main manufacturing houses are those Made in USA: Wurlitzer, Trashcan, Packard, Filben, Seeburg, Ami and Rock-Ola whose specimens are sought after today all over the world at very high prices.