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EF 80 Valve Valves Philips Condition: NOS [product.supplier] 1 Valvola EF 80 Country:Europe Producer: Common type Europe tube/se

EF 80 Valve

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Country:Europe Producer: Common type Europe tube/semicond. Type: RF/IF-Stage vacuum pentode Identical to EF80 = 6BX6 = Z719 = Z152 = 8D6 = 64SPT = 6P6_Magnadyne = 6F41 Similar valves Replaced normally - small diff.: 6EL7 Heater different: 12BX6 ; IF80 ; UF80 ; XF80 Other base: E88F Differences not known by us: E88FN Multiple differences or of other kind: EF800 ; EF860 First series Jul.1950 Radio-Mentor #7 Replaces EF42 EF50 EF14 models Evolutions 1960 EF184

Zoccolo Noval, 9 pin miniature (USA pico-9) B9A Filamento Vf 6.3 Volt / If 0.3 Ampere / Indirect / Specified voltage AND current AC/DC Description Information Hans M. Knoll: The EBF80, which appeared on radios from 1950/51, can already be found with data 8.6.49. PHILIPS had a TV market in France, UK and other countries long before Germany became interesting for Philips for the TV market from the end of 1952. That's why Philips had production and development sites with MULLARD, BRIMAR, CIFTE, etc. long before VALVO. A data sheet from the Netherlands dated November 15, 1949 shows the tubes EF80, EQ80, ECL80, PL81 and PY80 for the TX400-A model. However, we differentiate between tube development and pre-series for circuit and model development from the market launch, which we record (production series on the market). Dimensioni (LxAxP) including pins/tip 22 x 68 x mm / 0.87 x 2.68 x inch Peso 20g / 0.71oz

Valvola EF 80
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