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Brand / Manufacturing / Factory CHATHAM / USA Model / Type 5R4WGA-B / Double Rectifier Diode Code / Date Manufacturing 35330-PH-56 / 1956 Conditions NOS/NIB - NEW - NEVER USED Physical characteristics / Relevances Extremely ROBUST (Read TEXT) / Test operation up to 18 km in height. TESTS (Values detected) / Reference Data Sheet REFERENCE 5R4: (Ia) 47.5 mA - 100% (MANUAL METRIX parameters) TUBE1: 50.0 - 50.0 mA - 110% Use Power supply stage Recommended for AUDIO, HI-FI set, Radio, HAM Radio STARS / RATE (Rating from 1 to 5) 5

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Among the countless variations of "Rectifier, Double Diode" tubes, the 5R4 "WG.." series was and IS among the best Rectifier tubes ever produced. Fundamentally, the project and conception is of American origin, subsequently produced and sometimes "developed" in countless versions. This is the famous very robust and highly performing Military version CHATAM 5R4WGA JAN CAHG. The valve is totally NOS/NIB, classic very robust structure with ceramic glass base, extreme welding of the thick glass casing with shockproof silicone rubber support and square head, excellent ribbed polished BLACK plates, filament with spring suspension. Operation test up to 18 km high even with voltages up to 800-900 Volts!! The 5R4WGA is also used by the renowned AUDIO NOTE in its legendary amplifiers. EQUIVALENT: 5R4 = 5R4G = CV517 = 5R4G = 5R4GYA = 5R4GYB = 5R4WGY = CV684 = 5R4GYS - REPLACEABLE: 274A and B Some of the equipment on which the use of this valve is recommended: - Audio Note OTO LINE SE - Audio Note QUEST - Audio Note ONGAKU KENSEI - Audio Note JINRO SHOCHU - Audio Note TOMEI KENSEI - Audio Note EMPRESS - Audio Note GINREI - World Audio Design 300B PSE - Cary CAD300SE Signature - Emotive Audio Sira linestage - Woo Audio WA22 - ModWright Sony - SuperZen - Tori Jr - Rachel

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